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How It Works

We’ve Built a Hybrid Healthcare Team Focused on You

Whether virtually or in-person, every hybrid healthcare goal starts here, together.

We Meet You Where You Are on Your Health Journey

We’ve designed a hybrid healthcare model that you can easily tap into—via virtual care or in-person care. This is what we call hybrid care. We’re here for you at every step of your health journey, from preventative care to help you live your best life, to when you’re sick or need a checkup and immunizations.

Meet Some of Our Hybrid Healthcare Team Members

I love the fact that I work with the same
Crossover doctors and nurses every time.
It really adds to my comfort level.”

— Crossover Member, Dallas

Your Health. Your Way.

Crossover offers you different ways to get care. Whether the care you receive online, in-person at one of our centers, or a combination of both, you will get the same quality of care for as long as you need us.

We Get These Questions a lot

Our unique approach was built to make hybrid healthcare super simple for our members. But, we get that you may have questions, or just want to be sure it’s a good fit for you. Here are a few of the most common questions.
No. Your Crossover membership is a complement to the health insurance you have now, not a replacement. Should you need care beyond what is offered from Crossover’s hybrid healthcare team, or require urgent or catastrophic medical treatment, your health insurance plan offers important financial protection. We recommend that you maintain adequate health insurance throughout your Crossover membership.
For members who have access to Crossover through an employer sponsored benefit, we work directly with your employer and insurance to cover your annual membership fee and the care services provided by Crossover. We will bill you for your visit fees, if any, or for other services that are not covered by your membership (such as specialty lab work or enhanced care services, like acupuncture or vision care) based on your benefits and insurance guidelines. For members with individual self-paid memberships, we do not accept your insurance. For all members, lab work and in-person referrals will be billed according to your health insurance guidelines. Should the Crossover team refer you to a provider outside of what Crossover offers, we will match you with a provider that is in-network for your specific health insurance plan.
Yes. We hire our own staff of board-certified, state-licensed doctors and other qualified care providers. When you activate your Crossover membership, you will be connected with a designated care team with expertise in primary care (doctor and nurse), physical therapy, mental health, nutrition, fitness, and care coordination.
With most telemedicine providers, you get a new doctor for every visit—making it difficult to have meaningful conversations about your ongoing medical needs. With Crossover, you will see the same primary care doctor, mental health therapist, physical therapist, and health or fitness coach each time you need care. Moreover, your Crossover hybrid healthcare team will proactively reach out to you to be sure you are feeling better, answer questions about your care plan, and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unlike telemedicine providers, the Crossover care model supports long-term relationships that ultimately result in better health outcomes.
Both. You can message back and forth with your Crossover care team through the patient portal anytime or can schedule video appointments when needed. If you live near one of our shared health centers or have access to a private on-campus center through an employer, you can also schedule in-person appointments with their Crossover care team. If in-person care is needed and you do not live near a shared health center or do not access to a private on-campus center, your Crossover Care Navigator will help you schedule in-person visits with in-community providers and arrange for any needed tests or lab work.
Crossover is available to adults age 18 and over, as part of an Aetna-sponsored membership or insured through one of our employer partners. Go to "What you get"from any page on this website for what's included in a Crossover membership.
Yes. We serve many innovative companies with employees across the United States. Our model is a highly-rated employee benefit with sustained 93% member satisfaction, improved population health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs. If you are interested in learning more about how Crossover Health can benefit your business, go to Membership at the top of this page, and select "For Employers".